Cam’s Costa Rica Top 10

Costa Rica has been wonderful. We were here 4 weeks … could have spent a year … and perhaps then ended up like that thousands of gringos who came to visit but never quite made it back home.

In no particular order, here’s my top 10 list for Costa Rica.  Kaia and Jake have included lots of photos, so I’ll leave that part to them

1. Easy going, very welcoming people.  Costa Ricans (“Ticos”) use the expression “Pura Vida” to mean “good life”, “things are good” … and in general, “all is well”.  It says a lot about them.

2. The environmental consciousness exuded around Monteverde … especially the climate change rally

3. Swimming in the very clear, cool pool at the base of the waterfalls in remote Rara Avis

4. The turtle life cycle … especially watching the nesting process at Tortuguero (and seeing little “Squirt” making a run for it!

5. The sounds in the cloud and rain forests …. birds, crickets, frogs, and especially the howler monkeys

6. Exquisite beaches – tree-shaded at Manuel Antonio and the vast and deserted beach of Zancudo

7. moonlit skinny surfing on Zancudo beach, while watching an electrical storm (in the distance!)

8. local fruit that is packed with flavour – the pineapples, mangoes, lichi, coconuts & bananas

9. Awesome critters revealed to us by our guides on day and night hikes: frogs, snakes, lizards, spiders.  My favourite bird has to be the Scarlett Macaw – stunning, raucous, and they always travel in their pairs

10. The way Costa Rica lives the “eco” in ecotourism



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