Great gathering at Nanuya Lailai

Today was a special gathering in Fiji.  Mom left us at Tavewa Island last week to start her Fiji cruise.  Today her cruise brought her back into our bay, so we kayaked over to see her.  She’s with a lovely group of travelers on a boat built for 65 guests – she is traveling with only 28, so it’s an intimate group.  We joined them for lunch, then lounged around the beach, went on the glass bottomed boat, played some cards, partook of happy hour, then were joined by our hosts Henry, Rhonda and son Ben.  Dinner tonight was “lovo” – a feast cooked underground.  Rocks are heated by fire, then burried with the food and covered with banana and coconut leaves.  Spectacular feast!  Then we were treated to a fantastic performance by a local village – Henry knows many of them.  The singing was divine … dancing great fun.  Now we head back by moonlight to Henry and Rhonda’s, and bid farewell to mom.  She has 3 days left in her cruise before heading back to Canada.  Thanks for joining us, mom, and for hooking us into such a fabulous night!

Mom's Fiji Princess in the background. I won the card game of "onze" 🙂
Henry & Rhonda on the right, Ben next to Kaia and Jake


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