Gone Trekking

We are in Pokhara, Nepal right now and will be heading out trekking tomorrow morning.  We’re doing the rather straight forward “Poon Hill” trek (5 days) and if all is going well we’ll extend to the Annapurna Base camp in the “Annapurna Sanctuary” area.  We have 2 guides and 10 porters hired to help us with our Annapurna summit (8091m) attempt.  We picked up some extra socks and packed some extra coffee, because we understand that this can be quite a difficult climb and the weather can be sketchy at this time of year.  If we are successful we’ll be the first Canadian family of 4 to summit Annapurna.
Oh .. Yvonne’s calling out … a change of plans … apparently as of 2012 191 climbers had successfully submitted Annapurna while 61 died trying.  With a family of 4, the odds aren’t perfect for us.  So I think we’ll just turn around at the base camp 😉  OK, how many of you were still with me?
Actually we have hired just one guide and our high point would will be 4100m which hopefully will be manageable.  We were a bit higher in the Andes but had much more time to acclimatize to the altitude.
So, we”ll be offline for a while … don’t worry if you don’t hear from us.  We’ll have some Hong Kong entries ready when we get back.
I am really excited … have dreamed of this for many years.


3 thoughts on “Gone Trekking”

  1. Hi Cam, Yvonne, Kaia and Jake,
    Have a great time trekking! Looking forward to your blogs when you get back.
    The quality of your writing and photography is wonderful.
    Cam, I think you have lost quite a bit of weight so I hope you fattened up a bit in Hong Kong.


    1. David, I’ve actually put on a couple pounds I think, and perhaps a few more in Hong Kong. But shed them all while sick during the 10 day trek, so back to my fighting weight. Feel great!


  2. I will be so interested in you next blogs. I spent Christmas 1983 in Pokhara. Joanne and I are living your adventures vicariously. Your commentary and photos are stunning. Best to the whole family. Shirl

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