We hit 100 today and want to hear from you

This is the 100th blog entry from our travels this year and we are pausing, electronically and physically, to reflect on our travels.  We’ve been traveling for 7.5 months, visited 14 countries, and gotten over 8000 views on the blog.  We’re enjoying some rare slowed down time here in Pokhara and thinking about upcoming entries.
We’re hoping that our regular readers might take a few seconds to click through the poll questions below to give us some feedback on our blog.  We work hard on our entries, and they are mostly for our own memories, but we do try to make them accessible to family, friends and others interested.  Your responses to the survey questions are anonymous and appreciated.    Can’t promise any specific changes but we’ll certainly consider your feedback.  Thanks from all four of us!


Thanks so much for the feedback!  We enjoy keeping in touch with people through our blog.


One thought on “We hit 100 today and want to hear from you”

  1. Hi Cam, Yvonne, Kaia and Jake,
    I don’t know how many people read your blog but I’ve been saving every one of them for several reasons 1: I may want to take a trip to one of the places you’ve been 2: As an educational series for family, friends and students, and 3: I enjoy reading them over again.
    I have become involved with a group called Incredible Edible Gardens which grows veges and herbs that are given freely to local residents from the gardens we have grown around town. (Facebook-Incredible Edible Gardens Penticton). If more people had gardens rather than grass just think of the possibilities. (Reduces the carbon footprint too!)
    Keep up the great blogs and stay safe.
    Blessings to you.


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